Antony Hequet

French American
Poet Composer Singer
The Power of the Word
Mantras - Incantations - Spell Songs
Oral Traditions of Poetry
Martial Artist
Elektronik Shaman

The Saga of Blue Wolf is the story of a man who has lost his soul in the spiritual void of the 21st century. 

A series of encounters with mythological figures form the Norse pantheon: Freyia the goddess of love, Loki breeder of mischief, a mysterious and seductive envoy of the Russian Oligarchs, a shaman form Siberia, and finally a Nymph of the Lac Lehman, will indice him to overcome Indifference, thus open the Path of the Heart, step by step.

As the envoys from the spirit world interfere with his ordinary reality, Blue Wolf will undergo several dramatic transformations: Wulfens (Berserker), Cyborg Warrior, Shaman. As his quest unfolds, he progressively discovers his special gifts, all connected with the oral traditions of poetry, the Power of the Word : spell songs, mantras, incantations…


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